Our stories and characters reflect the society that we live in.  All the horror, all the pain, love and absurdity that exists in each one of us.


The world of Fandomodo includes real life stories of people who have fought to gain acceptance, fought for love, and fought for a better world.  From a woman seeking to keep her family together in Texas despite the odds, to an exploration of the musicians behind some of the biggest social movements in the country, we’re telling their stories.


We’ll also introduce you to experts who’ll give us a glimpse into everything from the people behind the comic book world, to social activism and shark habitats — and they’ll show us why these things matter.  Because when we see, hear, and feel something that leaves a mark…we learn.  When it compels us to take action, we thrive…  


A woman who survives a lightning strike… a group of millennials who find out the hard way to live in the moment.  Where do our choices ultimately take us in life?  Is it to a society where Wall Street firms make bets on who among us will survive?  Or is it a world where healthcare decisions are taken out of our hands, leaving us with deadly consequences.  We will ask you to choose.


Welcome to the world of Fandomodo.