Fandomodo is an entertainment studio & artist and brand management company.


Whether you’re an artist, category expert, or brand, you have a story to tell and an audience to engage. We believe your stories can change the world. We believe they can change hearts and minds, inform the curious, and stimulate action.

From film and television franchises, to casual games and digital platforms, Fandomodo develops entertainment-based platforms for its roster of artists, category experts, and brands to engage their fans

Our stories and characters reflect the society that we live in.  With all the horror, pain, and love that exists in every human being. After all, when we see, hear, and feel something that leaves a mark...we learn.  When we allow ourselves to escape and imagine...we heal.  When we're inspired to take action, we thrive.

From a woman who survives a lightning strike, to a family living at the height of Jim Crow, our fully-owned library of intellectual property includes stories and characters designed to make you feel, make you question, make you do

Welcome to the world of Fandomodo.



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